Swim Spas

Advance Solar & Spa is excited to announce the arrival of a whole NEW LINE and a whole new EXPERIENCE in the Spa Industry! The NEW Aquatic Swim Spas from Premium Leisure will make you rethink how you felt about owning a Spa, a Pool and Fitness Equipment! These spas combine the best of all three worlds and are a MUST-SEE… Stop in to our showroom today and let us explain all the features and benefits of these amazing, industry changing Swim Spa and Fitness Trainers!
Aquatic Trainer
The River Stream Jets of the AQ-X14 provide a true stream of water much like Mother Nature provides the constant movement of a river current. Unlike other swim spas which use an oversized spa jet, combined with an induction of air to simulate a large stream of water, the River Stream Jet System produces over 300 gallons of water per jet (nearly 1000 GPM total), each driven by a powerful swim spa pump. The result is a unique exercise and training experience.
Aquatic Fitness & Hydro- Therapy

There is no question of the benefits to Aquatic fitness for shaping, toning and conditioning your muscles. From running to rowing, you can take your healthy lifestyle to a whole new level.

The key to rehabbing your body after a workout is oxygenating your bloodstream and allowing your torn muscles to rest and rebuild. Hydro-Therapy is proven to increase circulation, promote healthy blood flow and rehab the body faster than standard rest and relaxation.


A Backyard Sanctuary
These Swim Spas are more than a swim trainer, they are a complete therapeutic experience, a place to enjoy family & friends, or simply unwind and relax. The therapy section of the Swim Spas feature Three (3) thoughtfully designed jetting systems. Combining over (77) jets to message everything from your ankles, legs, lower, mid and high back, all the way to your neck muscles. What better way to indulge yourself!  
From The Family… To The Snow Bird… Swim Spas are a PERFECT FIT!

If you have been in the market to build a pool, you might want to rethink your options… Adding a swim spa provides additional features that standard pools don’t offer, not to mention you can be up and swimming at a fraction of the cost and within an estimated 10 days from purchase… You’ll be amazed at the size of these swim spas, allowing your entire family to have fun a spread out!

If you are a “Snow Bird” and are heading back home, owning a swim spa make life a breeze, just pull the plug to drain it and put the cover on it until you come back to town and it’s time to enjoy it again!



Wondering how you will get it home!? Don’t worry about it… We have delivered Swim Spas all over South Florida,.. Barging them up to the back of houses on the water in Sanibel Island, Craning them over your house into your backyard, our just simply putting them on a truck and delivery them… We take care of all the headache and details that goes along with getting it to you, in place and set up… All you need to do it get in and RELAX!