Leisure’s Edge-852


Dimensions: 91″ x  91″ x  36″ / 2311 x 2311 x 940 mm
Seats:   7 Adults
Jets:    52
Pumps: Two High Pressure 200 GPM Pumps – One 2sp. and One 1 sp.
Circulation Pump:  One 1sp.30 GPM Pump
Controls:  Electronic Control System
Water Heating System: 5.5 kW Hi-Flo Full Immersion Electronic Thermostat
Ozone:  Ultra-Pure Ozone System
Filter:  24 Hour Crystal-Clear 50sq.ft. Filtration System
Standard Feature: MP3 W/Sub Woofer -Speakers
LED Color Mood and Multi-Color Chromo Therapy Lighting
Aroma Therapy
Pillows 3 Comfort Design Graphite Pillows
Cover Deluxe Hard Cover 5″ x 3″ Tapered Foam Construction
With Child Proof Safety Locks
Pillows:   5 Comfort Design Graphite Pillows
Construction:   Foam Insulation, foil Barrier, ABS Flooring, W/Sub Wood Structure
 and Maintenance-Free Cabinet
Water Capacity: 380 US (Gallons)
Dry Weight: 900 US Lbs. / 408 kg
Filled Weight  4195 US Lbs. / 1732 kg

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