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Solar-Wize Technology offered on all Gulfstream Heaters


The GulfStreamTM Heat Pump is the ONLY heat pump to incorporate a built-in feature to optimize usage of your solar pool system along with your electric heat pump.

Here’s How It Works

Solar Pool Heating is environmentally friendly and a great way to save money heating your pool. However, sometimes Solar may not meet everyone’s needs & desires. Factors such as how warm you like your pool, weather conditions, time of year and other issues may affect your Solar Heating results.

The Gulfstream Offers A Feature Which Detects the Performance of Your Solar Pool Heating System

This feature is built DIRECTLY into the High Efficiency GulfStream Heat Pump. for SEAMLESS operation between the two systems.
Set your desired temperatures on the GulfStream High Energy Series Heat Pump.

As your solar system operates, the GulfStream continually monitors heating performance. When your GulfStream detects that the pool temperature has dropped BELOW your desired temperature, The GulfStream automatically kicks into operation.

The GulfStream then closes the gap between what your solar system is delivering and your desired pool temperature.

When Solar Operation resumes to reach your desired temp, the GulfStream allows the Solar Pool System to then take over heating duties, and starts saving you money immediately.

This system designed for you to get the maximum benefit, savings and pleasure from your pool heating system.
This is one of the many features that make the GulfStream the BEST choice in pool heating

The Absolute Highest Standard of Manufacturing Quality

The entire family of Gulfstream Heat Pumps is manufactured with the highest quality components, state of the art testing and come with AHRI performance Certification

R410-A Clean Refrigerant

Our latest generation, The High Efficiency Series includes the new, environmentally friendly refrigerant, R-410A Components in the Gulfstream R-410A Units have been upgraded, fortified and tuned to perform with the R-410A clean refrigerant.

Turbo Titanium Strength

All Gulfstream Heat Pumps feature the Turbotech Titanium Heat Exchanger for the maximum efficiency and performance for heat exchange. While all titanium heat exchangers are impervious to corrosion and erosion, not all are designed equally. Our unique rifled design guarantees maximum transfer of heat to your pool.

AHRI Performance Certification

AHRI Certification gives the customer peace of mind and a true “apples to apples” comparison regarding performance and efficiency. Click the AHRI logo above to check our performance ratings and our warranty, you’ll find that we are the leaders in heat pump technology and manufacturing.

Our Heat Exchange Design Maximizes Performance and Minimizes Waste and Weight!

The Gulfstream heat exchanger features a unique rifled design allowing allowing for maximum surface contact between your pool water and the heat source. The tight rifling also allows for less actual titanium inside the heat exchanger. More efficient use of the titanium reduces weight, waste and materials cost.

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