The affordable controller that gives you more leisure time.

Pool and spa automation just got a lot more affordable, with the OnCommand controller. This contemporary control debunks the misconception that pool and spa automation has to be expensive. OnCommand replaces the out dated time clocks. At the same time, it upgrade the entire backyard with a full range of automated functions that includes the pool, spa and an array of backyard equipment. If your spending too much of your leisure time maintaining your pool, step up and reward yourself with the affordable luxury of OnCommand.

Automated Features

OnCommand automates basic pool and spa functions such as LED and incandescent pool and spa lights, pumps,filters, spa jets and blowers, solar, salt chlorinators and pool cleaners. But it also automates things like flood lights, landscape lighting,outdoor porch lighting,stereo music systems and more.

Up to 75% energy saving controlling a two- or variable speed pump
3 year limited warranty

Aqua Pod Features and Functions

100% waterproof
Built-in rechargeable batteries, charging station included
Floats horizontally
Backlit display for convenient nighttime viewing
Full functional control of pool, spa and other outdoor features
Easy to operate
3 programmable “soft keys”
Multiple heater and chlorination controls
Programming group functions
System off button for added safety
Light dimming control on incandescent lights
Upgradeable software
Dual equipment capable
Operates while charging
Remotely programs and controls Aqua Logic automation system and ColorLogic LED lights